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I left my heart in Puerto Rico

Apr 29, 2019 | Behind the Scenes | 0 comments

Welcome back readers to a new SPREAD. Yes, that’s right, two pages for the wait time of 20… or something like that. I am happy to share with you the visuals I’ve been dying to create since I first launched this comic.

What I’m Playing/What I’m Watching
I still haven’t completely gotten over Enderal but I did decide I needed to move on to a new story to fill the empty shell of a human I became after finishing that game. I have started playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and iiiitttts…. okay. It’s the first one I’ve played since the original but it looks like they have completely glossed over the Animus or any content outside of the time period they recreated.

Also, I watched last night’s episode of GoT and I am so angry I can’t talk about it. Rogues are OP though. >:( 

General Life Things
I got back from Puerto Rico last week and getting to finally see the place my family called home was absolutely amazing. In addition to gaining 10 pounds of weight from Mofongo, I got to take with me the memories of a lifetime. 

Til next update!


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