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I’m Back

So those of you that view the comic on webtoons or follow my facebook you’ll know that I took a short hiatus. My dog unfortunately passed and I was coming up on vacation. In a perfect storm of turmoil things blew up at my day job and there was just no chance of salvaging an update. I took the time to get through the raw grief and the hectic schedule. Phew.

But that has all passed, (ah, well my job is still crazy), and I started back on the comic again. We should be back to our regular schedule until Christmas where I’ll probably be taking another break to get through the holiday chaos.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient and for the kind words. It meant a great deal to me that people understood my need to take a break.


At the advent of deep space exploration, scientist Ria discovers that she can communicate to the dead through stabilized dreamworlds created in stasis. As she unravels a web of corruption and deceit while dealing with her own ghosts, the world soon discovers that their secrets are no longer buried with the dead.

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Madison Kalo is an art director for a digital marketing firm during the day and an amateur comic book and conceptual artist by night. She is married to a hot Hungarian/Irish software engineer and owns what some may consider to be too many pets.



These questions aren’t actually frequently asked.

When is the comic coming out?

I finally launched it on Webtoons and now the actual site!

What kind of comic is this?

S/W is a what I like to call a “light sci-fi.” It takes place in the not so distant future at the genesis of deep space exploration. The comic explores the infinity of the mind more so than the infinity of space.

How often do you update?

After a few weeks, I’ve realized that can only maintain 2 updates a month. I update every other Saturday.


While Stasis Wake is under development and website updates are reserved for hallmark events, my social media outlets feature daily content. Click the links to explore art on my Instagram, and Deviant Art, and Facebook accounts!


This space will feature not only blog posts but news, events, really anything new about the comic. Be sure to check back for the most recent updates!

May Updates

Those of you who have revisited the site will probably notice that the hero banner is new! I created a new art gift for hitting 500 subscribers on webtoons. You'll also notice that I've added a new page to the site. Now that I have more than one piece of promotional...

Sorry Tapas…

Unfortunately, after reviewing several stories that have cropped up over the past few days and the shameful introduction of the right of first refusal clause, I'm afraid I will be removing my comic from Tapas. Although they have removed the clause from their TOS I do...

The comic is now live on the site!

For the love of butts, that was a stupid process that I thought would never end. I tried a few plugins and it didn't quite turn out so eventually I just worked around what this robust theme offered and it turned out to be a simpler process than I thought. If you're...


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