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Mar 18, 2019 | Behind the Scenes | 0 comments

Hello Readers! This weeks update is pretty exciting, no?! I’m actually proud of this page, hard to admit coming from someone who can get lost in perfectionism. Compared to some of my earlier attempts at adding perspective, I can honestly say that I think my skills are improving a little bit

**cough** this monstrosity **cough **.

If I ever wind up going to print I think I’ll have to redraw a few panels. Don’t worry, I’m not going all typical webcomic artist, “MUST REDRAW THE FIRST FEW PAGES FOR ETERNITY.” But… Oof. That one was bad.

This update introduces a character that I’ve been wrestling with visually for a while. Dr. Hall has become the kind of bullshit siren that I think every project needs. Unfortunately for her, it looks like she was complicit in a few nefarious undertakings…

Other than that I’ve found myself lost in a few games since the last update. First, Enderal has completely consumed my life. Despite throwing over 200 hours and numerous attempts at Skyrim I never completed it. I feel like Enderal is a bit more engaging as a story. I hate to say it’s because of the mature theme but taking an axe to the face tends to draw more of the “**** you, you ****ing *****.” and although Skyrim had a mature rating it’s like they glossed over some of the mature themes they could have tackled with war. With Enderal there is more of a cohesive thread, your character seems to remember events, and thematically it’s similar to my comic.

I also got back into Conan Exiles because I’m a child that thinks seeing a swinging wang is hilarious. 


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